5 annoying experiences that happen when I visit my parents

Here’s the thing. I don’t live at home with my parents. So every time I go back home, my habits clash with those of my parents. This blog post makes me chuckle as while writing I will be reliving some of the moments that annoy me.

If my parents are reading this, I want to apologize to them as I am going to pick up on some of the things they do.

So here it goes –

All parents are awesome. I can definitely vouch for my parents who happen to come from India just like me. While on a whole they are awesome, I have to be honest. They do some things which annoy the hell out of me! At least for a few brief moments.

1. When they are loud on calls

They are both loud! Especially when they are talking to someone over the phone. Its like when you are at home, you will know what they are talking about no matter which room of the house you are in.

Imagine you are watching the match of your favourite football team. If you are truly into any sports, you know that time is sacred. You wanna hear the commentators talk, you wanna hear the crowd cheers and you wanna keep 100% focus on the game.

And then out of nowhere, you hear you dad talking to someone over the phone loudly. Because guess what, he will not go into another room and close the door. He will most likely stay in the living room where you are watching the game and continue with his conversation.

Now lets move to my mom. She is always passionate about her job. So whenever she is on a call, boy you can hear the energy in her voice. She is by nature a high-pitched person so even the most normal sentence comes across as loud (at least to me).

2. When they don’t use headphones

To add to that, she doesn’t use headphones. I will give it to her that she told me in the past that it hurts her ears. But I feel its something you can get used to habitually.

But since this is the situation in each of her office calls, I try every now and then to tell her to please use headphones. To which she occasionally replies,

‘Why should I have to wear headphones in my own house?’

Well, she has got a point! But if there are others in the house, I believe one must accommodate a little bit.

3. When they scream at the top of their lungs to get you in the room

If you are from India, you will probably agree with me that Indian parents have got no calm when it comes to asking you to come to their room.

My parents will sit in one part of the house and shout out my name and pose a question?

I will give it to them that those questions are important for me linked to topics such as food.

But come on, there has to be a better way than screaming from one part of the house.

4. When they barge into your room without knocking

I am 26 years old. Yet like every teenager, I value the courtesy of a heads up before someone enters my room.

But that rule does not exist for my parents. They have some stuff of theirs kept in every part of the house. So they will always need something that’s in your room.

And yes, you might be on a call with someone and bam, they will enter the room and start talking to you only to realise a few seconds later that you are on another call.

5. When they come to your room and use Facebook

Alright, this happened to me at the very moment that I was writing this post. My mother came into my room to check on me and she decided to just hang around. I was cool with that. She was doing her thing and I was doing mine.

But after a few minutes, she started scrolling on facebook and then started playing videos on loud without headphones.

And I that’s when I felt, that’s not cool! Someone is trying to do something here mom!

But why am I talking about this today?

Well, I first wanna say that I love my parents. They are who they are because of the way they were brought up by their parents.

I was lucky that my parents gave me the opportunities to explore the world and live with other people and I was able to learn what not to do when you live with people.

But given that there are things that they habitually do that annoy me; the question here is if I should push back and tell them guys this is not cool.

Here’s the answer I came up with. Yes, these things annoy me but I am not living at home all the time. I probably visit them once every few months. Why should they change who they are and how they go about their business because of me coming over?

I mean if my friend came over to my places and told me, “Hey man, can you stop screaming when you are watching a football match?”. I would be pretty damn pissed!

So I decided that I am going to suck it up. Yes, it annoys me and every now and then I might tell them to keep the voice a tad bit low. But, I would not ask them to change. If my mother does not want to wear headphones, she should not wear headphones.

Anyway this post was more of a rant that I went on and maybe some words of wisdom that came to me at the end.

Until next time!




At the end of the day, all we own are our stories. They deserve to be narrated as a best-seller. So here I am sharing thoughts from a millennials perspective!

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At the end of the day, all we own are our stories. They deserve to be narrated as a best-seller. So here I am sharing thoughts from a millennials perspective!

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